Blade Runner

I’ve decided that as I’m not making any more Rocky Horror costumes for the time being, I’ll put up other film costume related things that I make. This time: Blade Runner.

Last spring my husband and I got tickets to Secret Cinema’s Blade Runner. We bought the top tier tickets and our characters were detectives. Meh. I wanted to go as Rachael.

Before I even started on the costume I had my hair cut from this to this.


Then I worked out which costume I wanted to do. I’d assumed that there would be 5 billion women dressed like this…


Instead, I decided to do this coat.


I had a Kwik Sew coat pattern kicking around so I used that to start from.

I used a Japanese wave pattern  (no, not screen accurate. whatever.) to design some fabric that I had printed on Spoonflower  I had it printed on Minky fabric to mimic the short fur of the base of her coat.



I lined it in pink brocade as I still had a bunch kicking around from when I made Janet’s mom’s outfit for Shocky.


I found some fake fur with a close enough pattern/colour/texture on Ebay, but I needed to work out how to do the collar. Was it a hood? Was it stiffened? Did it use boning?

hood collare

Luckily, I found this post and learned that they are pillows!! They were basically pillows.


Easy. I did the first one.


Then pinned on the first bit of fur and had a look at it on me.

It was going to work. I ended up only making two pillow collars rather than three as it sat up high enough without the third. I hand sewed all of the fur on…


On the night I did my hair


I then did my make-up- adding a bit of UV make-up as I wasn’t sure if they’d have UV lights there or not and I wanted to make use of it, if they did. I also added a necklace made of a little wire of LED lights just because…

This is the only photo I have of me in it.


From the moment we arrived at the Tube station, every called me Rachael. I even met Secret Cinema’s Rachael at one point. We had a good chat. She was in the same outfit as me. I knew it was the right choice.

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