I love this costume. It appears so briefly that most people who have seen the film won’t have noticed it. Only hardcore RHPS fans would recognise it in the wild.


The easy bits: Pink rubber gloves (from the lab scene), hair rollers, a pink chiffon scarf, ‘cold cream’ on your face and chopsticks poked into your hair…

The trickier bit: the kimono.

It’s made of black satin with a red lining. On the front are embroidered ‘cloud’ shapes in gold. (Photo from Mick Rock’s book)


On the back is a dragon (photo from The Rocky Horror Costume List)


Imagine my delight when I found this a while back.




No, the dragon isn’t perfect. Maybe one day when I’ve got no more costumes to make, I will embroider one. Until then, this will have to do.

If you want to be able to do this costume, but don’t want to wear white cream on your face, you can try to make a ‘face cream mask’. Get a cheap plastic face mask.


Cut out the eye and mouth holes and cover it in gesso (so that the next bit sticks).


Then mix white acrylic paint with heavy acrylic gel (I used Golden extra heavy acrylic matte gel) and glob it on. (Sorry for the phone shadow in the images. Gah!)


It looks great!


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