Frank Floorshow Dress

I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show’s 40th Anniversary at the Albert Hall just before Halloween 2015. I’d decided to make another dress based on a Frank costume because I wasn’t entirely keen on walking around in my underwear. This time I chose the Floorshow Corset as the base.


Red corset, gold sequinned opera glove, fishnet opera glove, stole, feather headpiece, platform shoes with red rhinestones.

I didn’t have time to make a dress so luckily I found this one which was a perfect base.


I’d made a faux fur stole as a winter scarf.


But it was too big and too light.


So I whipped up a smaller and darker one.


I added eyelets to the split at the front of the dress, beaded the top and glued on sequins.


Oh, hello leather jacket!


I shortened the dress and added a ruffle.


Then I sequinned the gold glove and sewed on feathers around the top.

glove1 glovefeathers

Rhinestoned a pair of platforms I had kicking around (yes, I have platforms kicking around).


Made a feather headpiece.


Pinned up my hair, did my make-up.


I put on one of Jen’s Deadly Sting “Boss” tattoos and that was that.




Here’s the floorshow corset I made for the BFI Denton Convention performance.


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