Flapper Frank

Friday night at the Rocky Horror 40th Anniversary Convention was the Time Warp Ball. The theme was basically that the Sonic Transducer malfunctioned and Rocky Horror characters could turn up at any point in history. As soon as it was announced my first thought was ‘Flapper Frank’.

I decided to use the lab costume as the template. So green gown, red triangle, pearls, pink gloves…


I found a suitable dress, got a long 1920s-esque string of pearls and made a red jeweled brooch.


I embellished the waistline of the dress.


I needed a headband, so made a cameo with the Transylvanian flash on it, added it and a feather to a rhinestone headband.



I got pink opera gloves and a cigarette holder. Done! Here I am with Nick N. Furter at the party.



There were some other flappers there. Left to right: lab scene Frank, Columbia, Floorshow Frank, Sweet T Frank, Wedding Scene Janet.


Me and Titanic Frank!

FlapperFrank FlapperFrank_aged

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