Dinner Corset Dress

Last autumn I went to the Rocky Horror 40th Anniversary Convention. I made a few outfits for it, but my favourite by far was my dress based on Frank’s dinner corset.


The dinner corset is probably my favourite costume from the film. Perhaps because I love the boots.


They are knee high, open toed.franksboots

I found a pair of original 70s knee-high, black leather boots and took them to Natacha Marro to make a peep toe.


As I wasn’t keen on walking around the convention in my underwear, I decided to make a dress. I found a secondhand black (I know the original isn’t black!) velvet dress with a sweetheart neckline with a mesh top.


I used Mina’s site as a guide and decided to hand embroider the overlay.



I added rhinestones like crazy.


I’m happy with how it turned out.


Here I am at con (photo by Phil Dejean).


Before the film sitting with Patricia Quinn.


During the film with Patricia (photo by Nick N Furter)


A few weeks after the con, I made a dinner corset top for a friend to wear to Rocky Horror at the Albert Hall. He bought a mesh top and a simple ‘boob tube’ to wear under the top. Instead of embroidering, I used silver fabric paint for the flowers.

martin_overlay2 martin_Overlay

I embellished it with rhinestones.martins_dc

It turned out pretty well, I think



Edit: Here’s the dinner corset I made for the BFI Denton Convention performance.




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